Sep18th 2020

I brought my daughter to ImPackt PT this summer to see if Brodie could help her with her chronic shin splints and foot pain due to her intense running regimen with her high school cross country team.  We had been to multiple PTs over the past two years with limited short-term success. My daughter’s injuries left her cross-training all the time, unable to race on multiple occasions, and hampered her progress.  She had a goal to make Varsity this year but kept re-injuring her foot and shins.  This was devastating to her since she would work so hard on technique & stretching as she had been told by multiple people without much success.  As an RN of 24 years, one thing that really impressed me about Brodie is the comprehensive exam & head to toe assessment he did where he evaluated how moving different regions of her body affected the injury-prone areas.  Before doing any “cookie-cutter” treatments for shin splints and foot pain, his careful analysis of the many different muscle groups and bones was giving him extra information on her condition.  We discovered new issues affecting her areas of pain/injury and made a treatment plan together.  

ImPackt PT had several great therapy options for healing and pain many of which we hadn’t tried before like class 4 deep tissue laser, Theragun, MarcPro Electrostim, Rock Floss, and Graston (had tried this one).  She went to ImPackt PT a few times initially where these special modalities were utilized and then diligently did the stretches and exercises as prescribed at home with GREAT success.  After the very first session, my daughter’s foot pain was gone but she still needed to follow the plan so it wouldn’t come back… which she did.   After some particularly intense workouts, she still goes in for laser or PT when she feels things aren’t quite right to get a “tune-up” which helps so much. With implementing Brodie’s plan, my daughter was able to continue her twice-a-day workouts injury-free and was thrilled to have very recently made the Varsity team in tryouts.  

Does she still need to do her stretches & “tune-ups” (as needed) to prevent shin splints and to deal with periodic foot pain?  You bet!  She is very religious about her routine and can see the results when she follows through.   The “tune-ups” at ImPackt have been particularly helpful to her regimen & to keep her body functioning at its best.  I highly recommend Brodie and his staff at ImPackt PT and have no doubt you will be more than satisfied with his careful attention to detail & therapy.

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