Sep18th 2020

I have suffered from chronic headaches and chronic neck pain for as long as I can remember. I have been to migraine specialists, neurologists, multiple chiropractors, and TOSH Physical Therapy to get relief for my pain. I have had two sinus surgeries, have tried shots, Botox injections, and every migraine medication on the market. When I came to Brodie I was desperate and in a lot of pain. During my first appointment, I was surprised how thorough he was. He was able to work out spots on my neck that I have asked others to work on for years, and they never could get to. He did Graston, Laser, stretching, and some adjustments. After the first appointment, I went three weeks without a migraine or severe headache. As someone who has suffered from headaches nearly every day for 35 years, this has been nothing short of amazing to finally get some relief. I can’t speak highly enough of Brodie and the team at ImPackt Physical Therapy.

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