Aug20th 2020

“Wow! The team at Impackt PT has been so great to work with over the last 6 weeks. I saw Brodie because of an issue I had with a hamstring injury received during a run. In addition to the hamstring issue, Brodie’s initial assessment identified some other lower leg and ankle problems that if corrected would strengthen the hamstring and help with problems I’ve had with my leg for many years. As a longtime runner (25ish miles/week for the last 10 years) I’ve had problems with calf tightness and ankle flexibility. I’ve felt uncomfortable during runs and sore really all the time. Brodie has worked with me in office and through at-home assignments to increase flexibility and strengthen my lower leg. Since returning to running several weeks ago, I can feel the difference that the exercises and techniques Brodie has provided are making. While the hamstring was the initial cause for the visit, Brodie took the time to look at the whole picture and has helped relieve issues that I’ve been dealing with for a long time, but attributed to getting old. I feel better today than I can remember feeling 10 years ago. If you’re a runner or anyone looking to become more active, but feel like there are things with your physical mechanics that are preventing you from doing so, don’t let that be the reason. Brodie and his staff have done an amazing job for me!”

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