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Neuromobilization, also referred to as “nerve mobilization” or “neural mobilization,” is a therapeutic technique used to treat nerves that may be inflamed, irritated, or compressed. This treatment can prove beneficial for any patient suffering from nerve damage, as neuromobilization acts to re-mobilize the affected nerves. To learn more about the techniques surrounding neuromobilization, and to find out if it could be a beneficial treatment for you, contact ImPackt Physical Therapy to schedule a consultation today.

What does neuromobilization do?

This specialized technique is used to treat a variety of symptoms involving the nerves, such as pain, numbness, or a tingling sensation in the arms or legs. Many patients, especially those who proved unresponsive toward more localized treatments, will undergo “neural tension testing” before being prescribed neuromobilization as part of their treatment plan.

Neural tension testing is conducted by our Denver, CO physical therapists as a way to determine how much mobility the affected nerves currently have. This will determine the extent of your treatment plan.

Neuromobilization contains several different techniques that our physical therapists may choose from as he or she deems fit for your treatment plan. Common techniques include manual traction and sensitizing maneuvers to mobilize the nerve(s) up and down. This helps to accelerate the nerve healing process, enhance circulation, and improve ion transfer in and around the nerve(s).

How can I add neuromobilization to my treatment plan?

Neuromobilization is a great treatment option for any patient experiencing nerve damage, but especially those who did not find improvement through localized measures. If you have sustained nerve damage and you think you may benefit from our neuromobilization techniques, contact our Denver, CO physical therapy office today. Our highly trained physical therapists will evaluate the nature of your nerve damage and dictate whether or not they think neuromobilization will work for you. At ImPackt Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to providing you with an effective treatment plan for a speedy recovery!

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