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Kinesio Taping, Rock Tape & Rock Pods

Have you suffered from an injury or condition that is affecting your life? Pain can sometimes be so debilitating that it makes daily tasks much more difficult than they used to be. That is why we, ImPackt Physical Therapy, offer treatments like Kinesio Taping, Rock Taping, & Rock Pods to help alleviate pain, promote healing, increase strength and range of motion, and most importantly, get you back to comfortably living your normal life.

What are the benefits of Kinesio taping, Rock Taping & Rock Pods?

There are many reasons why Kinesio Taping, Rock Taping, & Rock Pods may be useful to you in your healing journey. These include, but are not limited to:

Decreasing swelling.

Injury, surgery, or even simple overuse of a certain part of your body can also result in swelling. They help to decrease swelling by limiting the pressure between the skin and the tissues underneath. This allows any buildup of fluid to travel freely and promotes easier movement of the affected area.

Relieving pain.

One of the biggest benefits of Kinesio Taping, Rock Taping, & Rock Pods is pain relief. By blocking pain receptors, your brain doesn’t receive the painful messages from the affected area any longer, and the muscles relax as a result. This allows for more mobility, quicker healing, and a more comfortable treatment process overall.

Stabilizing joints.

Some conditions may make it difficult for joints to stay in place. They can help stabilize and provide support for these joints, while still allowing them to move around their intended range of motion.

Managing scar tissue.

This is an especially common treatment after an injury, surgery, or another type of trauma has occurred. Healing from a trauma can cause a thick band of scar tissue to form over the affected area, which can inhibit signals of movement. Kinesio Taping, Rock Taping, & Rock Pods can provide a much-needed stretch to the scar tissue, making the signals of movement easier to communicate, and thus increasing your mobility.

How exactly does it work?

They work by doing a few important things for your body. It helps in resetting the circuitry in the affected part of your body by correcting any faulty interactions between the skin and muscles, joints, and tendons underneath. This results in improved muscle strength and activity.

Kinesio Taping, Rock Taping, & Rock Pods also work by blocking any pain receptors being sent to your brain. If those painful messages aren’t being received, the muscles in the affected area will loosen up and the likelihood for spasms will significantly decrease. Pain constricts an affected area, but if the pain is taken away, there suddenly becomes more freedom for blood flow and movement.

What will I get out of Kinesio Taping, Rock Taping, & Rock Pods?

Our South Jordan, Utah physical therapists will implement a variety of exercises and modalities into their treatment plans, based on your specific needs. It is among these modalities, used to improve your mobility and provide support to your muscles, joints, and tendons.

Find relief with Kinesio Taping, Rock Taping, & Rock Pods!

Kinesio Taping, Rock Taping, & Rock Pods has helped many of our patients get back to comfortably living their daily lives, without any lingering pain or stiffness. At ImPackt Physical Therapy, our therapists will provide the very best treatments to assist you in reaching that same outcome.

At your initial appointment, our South Jordan, Utah physical therapist will perform a thorough evaluation, which will determine if Kinesio Taping, Rock Taping, & Rock Pods will be an effective option for your treatment plan. If so, our physical therapist will explain how it will benefit your journey toward recovery and the step-by-step process that you will go through to get there.

We are dedicated to helping you reach your peak physical performance, and we would love to meet with you and create a plan to make that happen. Contact Impackt Physical Therapy to request an appointment with one of our South Jordan, Utah physical therapists today, and get started on your path toward recovery!

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