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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (BFRT)


Blood flow restriction training, or BFRT, is an exercise modality and ultimate bio-hack that uses a manipulation of the body’s Circulatory System in combination with light load/ no load exercise to create results similar to high intensity strength training.

Founded in Japan, KAATSU is the origin of modern BFRT and boasts over 50 years innovation coupled with decades of clinical research. There are millions of users across 32 countries with over 300k BFRT session daily in Japan alone.

KAATSU’s unique design was engineered for BFRT. With flexible pneumatic air bands and a broad therapeutic window, KAATSU has become the gold standard of safety and efficacy amongst pro sports teams, clinicians, military special ops and physical therapists world wide.


 Special air bands are worn on the upper legs and arms to safely modify blood flow. Two compressors inflate the air bands and once optimal pressure settings have been established, light training produces an engorgement of blood in the arms/legs and a variety of positive physiological effects in a short period of time, such as:

  • Disruption of homeostasis
  • Increase of nitric oxide in blood vessels, increasing their elasticity
  • Fast and slow twitch muscles are toned simultaneously
  • Lactic acid increases, stimulating receptors in the muscle and leading to elevated levels of growth hormone.

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