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Dry Needling In South Jordan, Utah

Trigger Pain Points With Our Dry Needling Therapy

One of the services we provide at Impackt Physical Therapy in South Jordan, Utah is dry needling. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, it can help tremendously with pain. Dry needling is a type of procedure where thin needles are inserted into the trigger points or knotted areas in muscles that are causing pain to a broader area. Whether you’ve been struggling with chronic pain or have a few knots causing discomfort, dry needling can help.

Why Consider Dry Needle Therapy?

If you don’t mind using a thin, sterile needle (like acupuncture) and are looking for a drug-free way to reduce pain and increase mobility, you should consider dry needling therapy. Many people who are seeking ways to improve pain naturally consider it because it may reduce or eliminate the need for pain medications. It’s also a great way to reduce inflammation and get your body back in balance. Below are a few other benefits.

  • Reduce pain– The apparent reason to consider dry needling is to reduce pain. It can help with various conditions, ranging from tendonitis to migraines.
  • Promote healing– Dry needling increases blood flow and releases tension. It helps promote healing by prost needs.oviding more oxygen and nutrients to the area that needs it most.
  • Increase mobility– Dry needling can help break up adhesions, allowing for a greater range of motion and improved joint stability.

Throughout the body, you have “trigger points.” These are areas of tightness and pain, often caused by misalignment or overuse. Dry needling can help break up these knots, reduce inflammation, and loosen the muscles. The result is improved movement and less pain.

Dry Needling Vs. Acupuncture: What’s The Difference?

Dry needling and acupuncture involve inserting thin needles into the skin. They are slightly different based on their specific techniques and goals. Acupuncture has been a practice around for thousands of years, first used as traditional Chinese medicine. Conversely, dry needling is relatively modern. It’s also something physical therapists use that is supported by research. People of all ages and ability levels can benefit from it. Whether you’re a high-performance athlete or a senior citizen looking to reduce pain and improve mobility, dry needling can help.

Acupuncture aims to balance your flow of energy by targeting specific meridians. On the other hand, dry needling triggers points to relieve muscle pain or tension. Ultimately, choosing the treatment for you depends on your condition and preferences. It’s always best to consult with our professional beforehand regarding your specific goals and desired outcomes.

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