Patient Testimonials

  • I can’t begin to explain how amazing and wonderful Brodie and Cortney are, not just as therapists but in their customer service, knowledge, and putting their clients first. I have been seeing them over 5 months now, and I have had progressive improvement on my foot pain. For 3 years I’ve had such painful plantar fasciitis and heel pain, and often have days I can barely walk. I went to a foot doctor at the end of last year, and all he suggested was cortisone shots to reduce swelling – nothing long term to help the problem. I happened to stop by and talk to Brodie, and his initial concern was to find a way to make me better so eventually I can be without pain and walk normal again.

    I’ve had weekly physical therapy and laser treatments, all of which have been the best for me. I highly recommend this family-owned business, and I always refer anyone who talks about pain or body aches over. I don’t know where I’d be or how I’d be feeling right now if I never saw them here, or if I just kept getting the expensive cortisone shots every 6 weeks. They take insurance as well, and have made it all so easy. The visits are pleasant and we always have great things to talk about.

    Thank you Brodie & Cortney for being so dedicated and passionate about what you do and your clients!!!

    - Jennifer
  • Brodie is an excellent Physical Therapist. He helped me to work out some pain that I was having in my elbow.
    - Kaylene
  • Great family operated business. Brodie, the PT, does a phenomenal job with his patients in educating them and helping them to recovery, and his assistant Cortney is awesome too! They’re so friendly and helpful. I had dealt with some plantar issues in my foot and through some scraping and laser to my foot, I can say things are completely resolved. I could barely run more than a mile prior to their help, without severe pain and limping but after a few shorts weeks of consistent help and adjustment to my running until things got better, things did in fact get better and I’m back to running no issues! Highly recommend this place!

    - David
  • ImPackt PT is a fantastic place to go to. Brody has an Organic-Holistic-Comprehensive approach. Very refreshing! He’s very Knowledgeable and they use the latest technology. I’m already feeling my healing is deeply underway. After the first session, I felt less pain right away. The laser is amazing. Your not just a number there. Highly recommend! If you want a Physical Therapist that really listens to you as a patient, this is it!! Amazing customer service…wonderful dad and daughter business.Very flexible. Look no further.

    - Christine
  • I found ImPackt by chance after a bad ankle injury on a bike. I was trying to look up a place that did deep tissue laser therapy and stumbled across their website. I continued therapy through the entirety of my injury and what I found was an office that is knowledgeable, friendly, and affordable. I believe the therapies did get me back to normal far quicker than otherwise. Even the orthopedic surgeon was impressed at the speed of healing, I was back on the trail at exactly five weeks after a break and two months into it, my daily life is not affected. My only recommendation is to start PT as quickly as possible after an injury or the first sign of pain.

    - Brandon
  • After my Doctor requested I go to physical therapy for a knee problem I have had for approximately 6 or so years, he advised I go to ImPackt Physical Therapy. After various laser treatments and only three, of the projected 12, therapy sessions, I have been able to return to a far more active lifestyle. The therapeutic aspect of ImPackt Physical Therapy is fantastic and their service nothing short of remarkable.

    - Emmanuel
  • Brody and Courtney have been amazing to work with. I live an active lifestyle – basketball, gym, hiking, and other outdoor activities – and as such experience aches and pains frequently. Sports recovery is absolutely essential if you want to perform at your best consistently, something I never considered before. You don’t know what you don’t know but at least now I know what I need to be able to do to manage the pain. If you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort or want to be able to go longer, faster and perform better you should check out this place out. You’ll feel right at home with the father and daughter team of Brody and Courtney at ImPackt.  Of course, you can’t solely rely on the experts to help you and you’ll need to do some work on your own but I am confident they can point you in the right direction and at least get you started, after that you’ll need to be committed, stay committed and put in the time and effort yourself to get better and stay better! This business gets a 5 star rating from me!

    - Jeremiah
  • I can’t say enough about Brodie and the ImPackt Physical Therapy team. They go above and beyond with their extensive medical knowledge coupled with a strong foundation centered in athletics. Their enhanced treatment helps me with injury prevention with a heightened focus on pre-habilitation exercises. I leave every appointment feeling strong and confident for my next workout and race!

    - Klodian – Elite Athlete | 2 X Kona World Championship Athlete
  • I came to ImPackt to work on a few things that were bugging me, but ultimately I wanted to increase my performance in the Sport I participate in. I have been blown away by the results. Not only do I feel great. But I have been able to exceed my expectations in some recent events that I participated in.

    - Daniel
  • I have suffered from chronic headaches and chronic neck pain for as long as I can remember. I have been to migraine specialists, neurologists, multiple chiropractors, and TOSH Physical Therapy to get relief for my pain. I have had two sinus surgeries, have tried shots, Botox injections, and every migraine medication on the market. When I came to Brodie I was desperate and in a lot of pain. During my first appointment, I was surprised how thorough he was. He was able to work out spots on my neck that I have asked others to work on for years, and they never could get to. He did Graston, Laser, stretching, and some adjustments. After the first appointment, I went three weeks without a migraine or severe headache. As someone who has suffered from headaches nearly every day for 35 years, this has been nothing short of amazing to finally get some relief. I can’t speak highly enough of Brodie and the team at ImPackt Physical Therapy.

    - Cassie
  • I brought my daughter to ImPackt PT this summer to see if Brodie could help her with her chronic shin splints and foot pain due to her intense running regimen with her high school cross country team.  We had been to multiple PTs over the past two years with limited short-term success. My daughter’s injuries left her cross-training all the time, unable to race on multiple occasions, and hampered her progress.  She had a goal to make Varsity this year but kept re-injuring her foot and shins.  This was devastating to her since she would work so hard on technique & stretching as she had been told by multiple people without much success.  As an RN of 24 years, one thing that really impressed me about Brodie is the comprehensive exam & head to toe assessment he did where he evaluated how moving different regions of her body affected the injury-prone areas.  Before doing any “cookie-cutter” treatments for shin splints and foot pain, his careful analysis of the many different muscle groups and bones was giving him extra information on her condition.  We discovered new issues affecting her areas of pain/injury and made a treatment plan together.  

    ImPackt PT had several great therapy options for healing and pain many of which we hadn’t tried before like class 4 deep tissue laser, Theragun, MarcPro Electrostim, Rock Floss, and Graston (had tried this one).  She went to ImPackt PT a few times initially where these special modalities were utilized and then diligently did the stretches and exercises as prescribed at home with GREAT success.  After the very first session, my daughter’s foot pain was gone but she still needed to follow the plan so it wouldn’t come back… which she did.   After some particularly intense workouts, she still goes in for laser or PT when she feels things aren’t quite right to get a “tune-up” which helps so much. With implementing Brodie’s plan, my daughter was able to continue her twice-a-day workouts injury-free and was thrilled to have very recently made the Varsity team in tryouts.  

    Does she still need to do her stretches & “tune-ups” (as needed) to prevent shin splints and to deal with periodic foot pain?  You bet!  She is very religious about her routine and can see the results when she follows through.   The “tune-ups” at ImPackt have been particularly helpful to her regimen & to keep her body functioning at its best.  I highly recommend Brodie and his staff at ImPackt PT and have no doubt you will be more than satisfied with his careful attention to detail & therapy.

    - Michelle
  • “Just returned from my second visit to ImPackt Physical Therapy for disc issues in my back and I already feel SO MUCH BETTER! I’ve been to many physical therapists over the years and I have never experienced the level of attention, knowledge, and therapy that Brodie and his team provide. The equipment and tools they have to help you get better are state of the art, and their attention to detail for customized treatment is astounding. If you are experiencing any pain, discomfort, or injury I highly recommend ImPackt!”

    - Tyler
  • “Wow! The team at Impackt PT has been so great to work with over the last 6 weeks. I saw Brodie because of an issue I had with a hamstring injury received during a run. In addition to the hamstring issue, Brodie’s initial assessment identified some other lower leg and ankle problems that if corrected would strengthen the hamstring and help with problems I’ve had with my leg for many years. As a longtime runner (25ish miles/week for the last 10 years) I’ve had problems with calf tightness and ankle flexibility. I’ve felt uncomfortable during runs and sore really all the time. Brodie has worked with me in office and through at-home assignments to increase flexibility and strengthen my lower leg. Since returning to running several weeks ago, I can feel the difference that the exercises and techniques Brodie has provided are making. While the hamstring was the initial cause for the visit, Brodie took the time to look at the whole picture and has helped relieve issues that I’ve been dealing with for a long time, but attributed to getting old. I feel better today than I can remember feeling 10 years ago. If you’re a runner or anyone looking to become more active, but feel like there are things with your physical mechanics that are preventing you from doing so, don’t let that be the reason. Brodie and his staff have done an amazing job for me!”

    - Brian
  • “I came to Impackt PT with knee pain from running. During my initial exam, Brodie discovered that my knee pain was actually stemming from ankle immobility. I have had amazing results in 4 weeks of therapy, along with exercises that I do at home. I can’t say enough about Brodie & the staff at Impackt!”

    - Laurel
  • “I came in to be treated for chronic plantar fasciitis and Brodie was so much help! I had previously received a cortisone shot elsewhere that didn’t help much. I then went to Brodie and received laser treatments on my foot and I have rarely had pain since.”

    - Sam
  • “I came into Brodie due to sciatica pain I’ve been experiencing for several months. He heard me out and worked hard to find the cause and a solution to my problem. Unlike other doctors, I felt that Brodie wanted me to be pain-free and healthy again. Thanks to him I found significant relief!”

    - Brayden
  • “Brodie is amazing! I have severe back problems that cause me trouble and I have been to other professionals that have taken a month and multiple visits to ease my pain. I went to Brodie and he took the pain away in one visit! He made me feel very comfortable and I was impressed with his bedside manner. He is very personable and very knowledgeable. He spent a lot of time helping me and used new techniques that I had never heard of before. He sent me home with exercises I can do on my own that have helped my back pain significantly. I would wholeheartedly recommend Brodie! He’s the only physical therapist I’ll go to now.”

    - Wendy
  • “Brodie is an amazing physical therapist. He really knows his stuff and not only that, he is so passionate about what he does. After just one visit with him, you can tell how invested he is in helping you return to your full health. I was seven months pregnant with awful back pain which he helped to greatly alleviate! He not only treated me personally, but also gave me some practical things I can do on my own to manage the discomfort in-between sessions. He is so knowledgeable and truly wants to help you be pain-free! Can’t say enough good things about him! I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for amazing care!”

    - Becky
  • “Brodie treated me while I was training to try to qualify for the Boston Marathon. My hopes started fading as my knee was really acting up and I was having severe quad fatigue. Brodie was able to figure out what the problem was right away and treat it with a combination of Graston, Laser, stretching and exercises. When race day came I was strong and ready to go and I qualified for Boston! A year later while I was training to run Boston I was back seeing Brodie and he once again got me ready for race day so that I was able to run a strong race. I have Brodie to thank for helping make this lifelong dream of mine become a reality. He is an amazing physical therapist who always takes the time to give his patients the one-on-one attention that they deserve. I highly recommend ImPackt Physical Therapy and Sports Recovery!!!”

    - Sarah
  • “Having been a runner for over forty years has left me with some knee problems. Eight years ago at 60 years old I decided to run the St. George Marathon. My right knee was bothering me a lot. I didn’t want to give up on my training or reaching my goal to complete the marathon. I started going to Brodie Pack for physical therapy hoping he could help me be able to continue my training. Brodie was very diligent as he treated me a couple of times a week. He worked tirelessly and didn’t give up on me. He encouraged me to do exercises that would help strengthen my knee. Because of his interest in helping me reach my goal, his extensive knowledge and skill, and his pleasant and encouraging demeanor I was able to train for and complete the marathon. I am sure I would have been stopped in my tracks and my training ended without his skillful treatment. I have continued to go to Brodie for treatment when various aches and pains have occurred and every time I have been completely amazed and grateful for the treatment he has given me to help me continue to enjoy the activities that I want to participate in. He is an amazing Physical Therapist!!”

    - Juli

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