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Physical Therapy Help Sciatica May28th 2024

Can Physical Therapy Help Sciatica?

For those who suffer from it, sciatica can be a frustrating and painful back condition that is debilitating in many cases. Those who deal with sciatica are always looking for robust treatment and pain reduction methods, and a common question often arises: Can physical therapy help sciatica? At ImPackt Physical Therapy, we’re proud to offer

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Physical Therapy Elements May3rd 2024

Physical Therapy Elements to Strengthen Knees

There are several areas of the body where patients often look to physical therapy with help for strengthening and related needs, and the knees are common examples here. There are several approaches within the world of physical therapy that can help to strengthen the knees, whether as part of injury recovery or any other specific

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woman with herniated disc Apr30th 2024

Chronic Pain Syndrome Vs. Fibromyalgia

There are a few broad categories of pain or related conditions that contain multiple distinct sub-categories, and the realm of chronic pain is one of the single best examples here. The term “chronic pain” can actually refer to a number of different specific conditions, and two of the most notable here are chronic pain syndrome

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