An injury doesn’t have to permanently sideline you from the things that you love. Impackt Physical Therapy in South Jordan, Utah provides a comprehensive approach to treatment that helps you get back after injury or surgery so you can regain the freedom to live your life and do the things that give you joy and fulfillment.

Every injury and every person is different. We approach each treatment plan on an individual basis, addressing factors that go well beyond just a sprain, strain, or surgical reconstruction. We’ll help you identify and treat the underlying cause of pain, allowing you to not only regain the strength and mobility you had before, but to come back stronger and better after your recovery process.

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Our bodies are made up of dozens of interconnected systems and hundreds of bones, muscles, joints, ligaments and tissues but some physical therapy treatment focuses only narrowly on a specific injury or part of your body. When treatment providers have these blinders on they could miss signs of a larger problem. You end up getting treatment that is too narrow and only addresses the symptoms, not the underlying cause.

At Impackt Physical Therapy in South Jordan, we look at you as a whole person when considering your PT needs. This allows us to address your concerns and your injuries today while preparing your body for improved health, wellness, and movement in the future. We never want to focus so narrowly on where your complaint is that we miss or overlook what is really the cause of your pain or dysfunction.

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Our treatments begin with a full-body movement assessment. This helps us identify the reason for your visit beyond just the immediate or localized pain. From there, we build an individualized plan to limit or eliminate your pain now while creating healthy movement and mobility in the future. Are you a CrossFitter that is struggling with performance or has an injury? We can help you!

The fields of medicine and physical therapy are constantly changing and progressing. That’s why we are continually educating ourselves on the latest treatment methods and evidence-based practices. Over time our approach adjusts and changes as we learn about new advancements and new science that can help you heal better, faster, and more effectively than before.

Our ultimate goal is to help you optimize physical performance, and that definition of an optimal outcome will be different for everyone. That’s why we take time to learn about you, your fitness, your goals, and your lifestyle so we can create a completely individualized PT treatment plan. This custom approach to care will ensure that you get the best outcome. Come see us at our South Jordan clinic today to learn more.


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The team at ImPackt Physical Therapy effectively treats sports injuries and all types of conditions including repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, motor vehicle accidents, work-related injuries, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, pain and numbness in the extremities, foot pain, and general joint discomfort.


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